It will dump just about anything over the edge with its 2.8m abnormal wide bin that tilts at a 50.9° tipping angle and has a scaw of 40.9°. The robust chain operated tailgate ensures maximum tip opening.

When the 40t hydraulic cylinder is in full force, additional support is given by bin stabilizers to prevent truck roll over. With a reinforced body structure, loading can be done quicker and in larger scoops which will save you time and trips to and from the quarry.

Side protection covers for the air-and-fuel tanks have been added to minimize damage and downtime when loading. For driver protection the bin headboard has been strengthened and extended over the truck cab to protect against falling rocks. Adding additional driver safety, tipping can now be done from inside the cab via the newly added in-cab tipping control.

  • 20m3 heavy duty tip bin with scaw design (tips at 50.9° with a scaw of 40.9°)
  • 2.8m abnormal wide bin
  • Cable operated tailgate for maximum tip opening
  • Bin stabilizer to prevent truck roll over
  • Bin sides and headboard 8mm domex
  • Bin floor & corners 10mm hardox
  • Side protection for air-and-fuel tanks
  • Sub-frame for chassis strengthening
  • In cab tipping control for driver safety
  • Winch for spare wheel lifting & lowering
  • 135L hydraulic oil pump
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