Ben Koen, National Operations Manager from Roadwing contacted AFRIT for a specialised skeletal semi-trailer to transport heavier-than-standard, six-metre containers within legislation. However, these trailers still needed to comply with the customer’s specific operational health and safety requirements.

AFRIT’s suggestion was a retractable trailer, which it designed to suit the requirements. An order for 25 units was commissioned, which AFRIT ably filled within a month.

The total length of these trailers is 12.2 metres and about 9 metres when retracted. This offers Roadwing enhanced versatility, while complying with the specialized six-metre Centre Mount Container application. Contracting the trailer places the container in the middle for better weight distribution . This enables us to offer the customer better capacity (up to 25 tons), meaning they can put more payload into the container, which creates a saving.

“When the trailer is folded in, we can also park it against the loading bay, so that the forklift operator can drive directly into the container, thereby increasing safety”, explains Ben Koen. AFRIT’s ability to supply its clients with specialized solution, over and above its standard product range , is an important value-adding prospect.